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How to request a Synergy extract

Here are the steps your district/charter school can follow when you need a Synergy nightly extract created or modified:

Call SDCOE SIS at (800) 289-1500 or submit a HEAT Self-Service ticket and request a nightly extract from Synergy for use with the third party software vendor. You must provide the third party software vendor’s file layout.

  1. SDCOE SIS will gather the information, review the file layout, and submit the project request to SDCOE SAS.

  2. You will receive a work order from SDCOE SAS via email. The work order will include the scope of work and cost. Once received, you need to review the work order, sign/date it, and return it to SDCOE SAS. Once received by SDCOE SAS, the work will begin.

  3. Based on the file layout that you provided from the vendor, SDCOE SAS will write a SQL script to create a nightly extract from Synergy for use with the third party software. The extract will run nightly and be placed on a secure FTP site.

  4. Upon completion of the programming work, SDCOE SIS will contact you to issue the FTP information (and explain how to access the FTP site, if necessary). NOTE: SDCOE SIS will provide you (the district/charter school) with the host, port, username, and password to access the secure FTP site; note that we will never provide this information to the third party software vendor. It is the district/charter school’s responsibility to work with the third party software vendor to determine how the extract will be loaded into the third party software, either manually or automated.